First Gardeners

Head gardeners at the White House

Years Gardener President(s)
1806-1814 Thomas Magraw James Madison
1817-1825 Charles Bizet James Monroe
1825-1852 John Ousley John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
James Polk
Zachary Taylor
Millard Filmore
Franklin Pierce
1852-1862 John Watt Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Abraham Lincoln
1862-1865 George R. McLeod Abraham Lincoln
1865-1875 Alexander McKerichar Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson
Ulysses S. Grant
1875-1877 George Field Ulysses S. Grant
1877-1902 Henry Pfister Rutherford B. Hayes
James Garfield
Chester Arthur
Grover Cleveland
Benjamin Harrison
Grover Cleveland
William McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt
Washington Monument
1902-1909 George Hay Brown Theodore Roosevelt
1909-1931 Charles Henlock William Taft
Woodrow Wilson
Warren Harding
Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
1931-1945 William Saunders Reeves Herbert Hoover
Franklin Roosevelt
1945-1962 Robert M. Redmond Harry Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
1962-2008 Irvin Williams John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
2008-?? Dale Haney George W. Bush
Barack Obama

Source: "ALL THE PRESIDENTS' GARDENS" by Marta McDowell


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