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Palace of Gold

Background & History of West Virginia's Palace of Gold

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold was built by devotees as the first of seven temples to be built in America, meant to resemble the seven main temples in Vrindavan, India. Since opening in 1979, the Palace of Gold has welcomed visitors from all over the world, and guided tours are available. The Palace is located a few miles off Route 250 near Limestone, WV which isn't very far from Moundsville, WV.

  In addition to the lovely architecture, another beautiful feature of the Palace of Gold is the Rose Garden, which is full of All-American Rose Selections and especially beautiful (looking and smelling) during the summer months. Over the past years, awards have included the "Outstanding Rose Garden in North America."

Aerial photo of the Palace of Gold

There is an RVC Temple just beyond the Palace grounds. Food is available from April through November in the snack bar or restaurant. Overnight accommodations can be arranged for in a cottage or the guest lodge. This area of West Virginia is hilly and has beautiful vistas in all directions. Route 250 used to be a favorite of local motorcyclists due to its twisty curves and scenic forest views but heavy truck traffic related to local drilling and fracking have damaged the road.


Visiting Prabhupada's Palace of Gold

View 3 states from the Palace of Gold Looking from the Palace of Gold a person can view scenic hilltops in three states: West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio
Map showing the grounds at New Vrindaban with Srila Prabhupada's Palace of Gold, the Sri Sri Radha-Vrindaban Chandra Temple and other attractions New Vrindaban map
Prabhupada's Palace of Gold Welcome sign and hours WELCOME

Palace of Gold
Memorial Shrine
4/1-8/31  10am-8pm
9/1-3/31  10am-5pm
<----1/4 MILE

Getting to the Palace of Gold
near Limestone, West Virginia

Turn off Route 250 onto Palace Road. There is a large sign for the Palace of Gold at this intersection on Route 250. Follow Palace Road several miles to the Palace of Gold.


Entering the grounds of the Palace of Gold

The Palace

Ornate gold detail Ornate gold trim and detail
Some of the Palace's 31 stained glass windows Palace of Gold stained glass windows
Stained glass windows with natural backlighting The stained glass colors are especially beautiful when viewed from inside the Palace of Gold
In addition to hearing the unusual call of live Peacocks outside on the grounds, don't miss this fantastic peacock feature inside the Palace Peacock stained glass window
Teakwood carvings from India Teakwood from India was used for intricate carvings that add to the beauty of 52 varieties of marble and onyx


The Palace Grounds

Looking out over Prabhupada's Palace of Gold Lake Prabhupada's Palace of Gold lake
All-America Rose garden entry sign All America
Rose Selections

Public Rose Garden
Palace lion Palace lion
Lake area near swan boat house Looking up toward the swan boat house and lake



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