That special area meant for your own personal enjoyment!

Let's face it, front yard landscaping is a public thing, more for everyone who passes by your property than for you living there. That front landscaping creates 'curb appeal.' But the only chance most homeowners have to enjoy their front yard is when they are leaving for work or returning home.

In contrast to that, backyard landscaping is more for you and your family. It's often called 'outdoor living space.' Whether you're out back playing with the kids, swimming, gardening, grilling, or just plain relaxing on your deck or patio, chances are you spend a great deal more time in your backyard than in front. Therefore, it only makes sense to have attractive backyard landscaping for your own personal enjoyment and privacy.

Most backyards have much more space to work with than other areas of your property, so it's possible to use a few of the larger trees and shrubs that wouldn't fit in a more constricted front landscape bed.

Backyard landscaping with flower borders

Garden Gates & Shrub Borders

Backyard landscaping allows much more room for landscape features like garden gates and shrub borders. Creating a shrub border enclosure around the perimeter of your backyard can soften architectural features, create privacy, and provide a feeling of security.

Backyard patio for relaxation

An open gate or archway adds mystery by drawing a garden visitor's eye and imagination to the garden on the other side. There doesn't even have to be that much there if an archway is carefully placed.

Gazebo for backyard landscaping

Backyard Accents & Gazebos

Another way to add interest to backyard landscaping is by adding a focal point in the distance.
While gazebos are pleasant to spend some time relaxing in, merely having one in your backyard can create a feeling of calm and relaxation when viewed from a distance. Consider it your "calm scene."
Features like waterfalls and fountains not only add visual interest, but also create a symphony of relaxing sound. Night lighting will extend and modify the visual pleasure of the water into the nighttime hours.







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