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When traveling scenic country roads, barns add a certain uniqueness to the landscape. Not to be ignored, this webpage is dedicated to interesting and unique barns along the roadside. Here you'll find barns of every description and condition; white barns, dilapidated barns, brick barns and Mail Pouch barns.

Barnyards and surrounding country scenes have been included in many of these barn photos, with the change of the season from fall foliage creating additional interest in the photos.

More photos of barns will be added as new barns (..but more than likely they will be old barns!) are discovered along the way. Stop back to see our latest barn photos!


Stone barn near Marshallton Pennsylvania
Stone barn near Marshallton, Pa.

disappearing Pennsylvania barn
Disappearing Barn in NW Pennsylvania
Rose Ranch Barn
Rose Ranch Barn in Oregon

Bigfoot highway barn
Barn along Bigfoot Highway in California

Southwestern Pennsylvania barn
Rusty Southwestern Pennsylvania Barn
A.P. Webster barn 1906
1906 - A.P. WEBSTER
Barn overshadowed by a drilling rig
Barn southwest of Clarington, Ohio
'Deere Country' barn near Canonsburg Pa.
Round barn 1931 Brook Haven
Two round barns in southern New York
round barn
Large white Pennsylvania barn
Big barn in SW Pennsylvania

Mayview State Hospital barn
Mayview State Hospital Barn near Bridgeville Pa

Mayview Farm

Old barn
Dilapidated barn with real character... and 1 cow


Red barn with white windows and a black tin roof
Red Barn near 84, Pa


Well maintained white barn right next to the road
White barn close to road


Looking through the fence at a whitewashed barn
Big whitewashed barn


Barn Renovation Project
Photos: Dwight Clark
Beagle, Kansas

Before barn renovation


After barn renovation


Christmas barn


white barn
Barn shadows


Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco barn
Classic 'Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco' barn


white barn with a red roof
Large white barn with a red roof


Well weathered barn with some boards missing
Well weathered barn with a few boards missing


Barn in winter
Winter barn


Roadside barn in Texas
Roadside barn in Texas
Photo: Richard Swim


Texas windmill
Photo: Richard Swim


A handsome pair of white barns with red roofs
Handsome pair of red topped white barns


barnyard and barn
Bright fall colors contrast a red barn


brick barn
Large brown brick barn with classic barn doors



round barn
Big, round white barn turned museum


Well weathered barn
Well weathered barn


barnyard with a scenic view of fall foliage
Fall colors light the valley beyond the barnyard


Red barn with green roof
Red barn with a green roof


Fall landscape with a contrasting white barn
Fall landscape contrasting a white barn


Red sheep barn
Red sheep barn




Big red Pennsylvania barn
'Big Red'


Hickory horse barn
Hickory Pa. horse barn


Covered Bridges

National Pike Steam Show

Indian Mound in Moundsville, WV



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