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Crabgrass &
Climate Change


When should you apply
lawn crabgrass control?

Winter - Spring 2017

I haven't heard very many people complain about the lack of snow and ice around Pittsburgh this past winter, but the drastic change in the weather has sure created some interesting scenarios!

This is the first time, in all the decades I've been paying attention, to see a Lilac blooming on the last day of February:

And now, here we are in early-March with Forsythia shrubs in full bloom!

So what does that mean to you when it comes to controlling crabgrass?

The key to most crabgrass control is to have pre-emergent herbicide in place as the seeds begin to germinate, but not too early since controls can become less effective.

Crabgrass seeds begin to germinate when soil reaches 40-degrees F. and it just so happens yellow Forsythia flowers drop-off at that same time.


Forsythia is your 'Crabgrass Clock'

Fast forward a bit, and just to throw a wrench in 2017 pre-emergent timing, we woke up March 10th to an inch or more of snow cover on trees, shrubs and lawns.

Our forecast calls for more winter weather over coming days, so don't put your winter coat away!

Therefore, while it may not be time to apply crabgrass control in western Pennsylvania just yet, it sure wouldn't hurt to buy it and have it in storage ready to go!

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