Watch Mugo Pines for fast-moving Sawfly larvae

Small green caterpillars in clusters will chew pine needles to 'nubbins' in no time!

Early May - This is the time of year to keep a very close eye on your Mugo Pines. I found a small cluster of sawfly larvae feeding on a Mugo Pine today.

Mugo Pine
Mugo Pine

These small caterpillars are light green and very difficult to see, so we could easily call them "camouflaged." They are only around for 2 weeks, but will do considerable damage in a short period of time.


light green sawfly larvae
Sawfly caterpillars are hard to see even when you are looking close!
sawfly larvae

First look for the areas where pine needles have been chewed to short stubble... the caterpillars will be nearby. You have to keep looking before you finally see them.

stubble from sawfly feeding

They can be sprayed or handpicked but act quickly!



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