Braided Daffodils

First time Bob saw this method!

braided daffodil foliageEarly June -

Over the years, I’ve seen various methods of dealing with messy looking daffodil foliage once the bulbs are finished blooming. This latest method of braiding was being used by a neighbor this week. Pretty novel, eh?

Prior to seeing this "braiding method" it wasn’t uncommon to see daffodil leaves folded in half with a rubber band tightly securing them in a bundle. Since the rubber band method draws the disapproval of many horticulturalists, I would imagine braiding would also be discouraged by them, but it is definitely better than removing the foliage from the bulbs too early.

daffodil foliage bundled with a rubber bandIdeally, daffodil foliage should be left on the bulb and allowed to die-off naturally since this allows time for the bulbs to “recharge” themselves for next spring’s bloom and they need their foliage to do so.

If foliage is removed, wait until the 4th of July in the northeastern U.S.



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