Cleaning your own deck will save you money and keep it looking fresh!

Deck sealing can be performed during good weather conditions from Spring through early Fall in many areas. Most deck stains and deck sealers require a string of dry days and the right temperature for proper application and drying. The best time period to perform deck cleaning and sealing in Pennsylvania is June 1 through September 30.

Remember when?
When pressure treated lumber was first introduced we were told it was "maintenance free."  But over the years we found out that most wooden decks become ugly without periodic cleaning and sealing.
Whether it's the bleaching-out effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays on wood in full sun, or the unsightliness of algae growth in shade, a power washer will clean your deck surface.

Key Benefits of Cleaning/Sealing

  • Protect a major investment

  • Improve aesthetics for everyday enjoyment

  • Add to the value of your home


When to clean decks?
Sealing a deck is done in two steps; first power wash your deck, then follow-up after the proper drying period for the wood to seal your deck.

algae on a wood deck 
BEFORE and AFTER power washing
This deck was covered with dirt and algae.
It also had an ugly bleached-out appearance.

Power washing
Most power washers use regular tap water, which is then pressurized to help it clean away years of dirt with only tapwater, instead of using any chemicals. You need to be careful not to 'fray' and 'splinter' the wood with too much water pressure, or by holding the wand too close to the deck. This video will help guide you on the proper techniques:


Deck sealing
You have a wide choice of which brand of sealer you would like to use on your deck.  "Clear" or translucent coatings are the most commonly used since they allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to show-through, however, solid color tints which are more like paint and can be matched to house trim colors are also available.

Minor repairs
There is no better time to make small repairs that may be needed on your deck... hammering in loose nails or securing loose boards with weather resistant screws. It is a good idea to 'pre-drill' any holes in order to prevent splitting when hammering-in a nail or installing a screw. Some people prefer screws with heads other than the standard phillips head, since they do not strip-out as easily.

dirty deck
Before and After photos of a very dirty deck!

Power Washing

Deck Sealing


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