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Often times homeowners get weary of refreshing wood mulches every year or two and decide to use decorative stone mulch in their shrub beds. Even with the initial installation being considerably more tedious and expensive, it most often pays dividends in the long run. On this web page we will display photos of some of the more commonly used decorative landscape stone in various landscapes, ones like river rock, shore gravel and lava rock.


 heavy rock carrier

Wheelbarrow Tip - The way you load your wheelbarrow can make a big difference when it comes to moving it. Load the majority of the weight toward the front of the wheelbarrow.

PLEASE NOTE: We have posted these decorative stone photos to help those who are planning landscapes to see what choices are usually available. However we don't sell or deliver decorative stone or mulch.


White gravel
1b shore gravel

#3 White gravel
3/4 to 2 shore stone

White gravel - 2 to 6
2 to 4 shore stone
Tri-axle weighing in on scale
Triaxle on scale

2" to 4" Shore Stone along a foundation
Shore stone along a house foundation


Pea gravel
White pea gravel
#3 Tan gravel
# 3 white gravel
4 - 12 Tan gravel
4 to 12 white gravel

Triaxle dumping stone

Wheelbarrow Tips

  • To move heavy materials, buy a good quality wheelbarrow with a pneumatic tire, strong wooden handles and 4 to 6 cubic foot capacity. 

  • Load two-thirds of the weight toward the front of the wheelbarrow to help balance it, keeping weight off the handles. Take partial loads when moving heavier materials. 

wheelbarrow loaded with topsoil
Keep the weight toward the front and off the handles - Soil is properly distributed in this wheelbarrow for easier wheeling


River rock
4 to 12 tan gravel

Medium river rock or tan gravel
2 to 4 tan gravel



Limestone R-4
R-4 Limestone


Slate chips
2 to 5 slate chips


PLEASE NOTE: Two of these colored stone products (Terrapin green and Empire black) are no longer available at local suppliers and we don't know where you can find them. Also, we do not sell any decorative stone products, these photos are only provided to assist those designing landscapes to see what is often available on the market.

Arctic rainbow stone
Arctic Rainbow

Terrapin green stone
Terrapin Green

Red Limestone
Red Limestone
'Empire Black' stone
Empire Black
'Barn Red' stone
Barn Red
 TIP:  Landscape fabric should be used under stone mulches, even though we don't recommend using fabric under wood mulches.


Lava Rock

Red lava rock

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell lava rock or any other decorative stone.


Landscaping boulders
River rock boulders
River Rock boulders are usually sold by the ton


large landscaping boulders boulders on pallets


wall construction photos

mulch photos

how mulch is made


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