A clear advantage of living in the northeastern US is being able to enjoy four seasons. Spring holds the most beauty when it comes to trees and shrubs blooming, but it's Fall that presents that special combination of colorful fall foliage and crisp air, all set against an awesome blue 'football season' sky.

Fall foliage tours in 2005 presented some of the most beautiful autumn weather in recent memory. Dry weather, accented by sunny skies and mild temperatures, created the perfect scenario for any fall foliage tour. Our preferred touring vehicle? ...a motorcycle of course! 

This webpage began with photos taken in Autumn 2005. This fall foliage photo collection continues to grow!

Brilliant fall foliage
Hard to beat the brilliant colors of fall Maples!

Maple red fall foliage
Photo of another Maple in red
Oaks along a white fence
Oaks along a white fence

Fall in the northeastern United States is perhaps the prettiest season of the year. Colors in leaves that have been masked by green chlorophyll since Spring finally show their true colors. Afternoon sun really lights up the color in this White Oak's fall foliage:

Oak leaves with fall color 
White Oak with fall color
Fall foliage and berries on Dogwood
Leaves and red berries of Dogwood
Red and yellow fall colors
Red and yellow fall colors together
White sycamore trunks contrast blue skies
White sycamore trunks contrast blue skies

Fall foliage from the air adds a new beauty to trees!
Maple fall foliage
Yellow Maple leaves are striking against
the tree's dark colored branches
poison ivy with fall color
Even though it has nice fall color, don't make the mistake
of bringing poison ivy in for your table's centerpiece
Bloodgood Maple with fall foliage
During the right kind of fall weather Bloodgood Maple can
be more brilliant than it was during the growing season
fall grasses
Variegated grasses full of plumes


Maple tree fall foliage
Striking color contrasts on a Maple
Roadside color
Fall roadside color
Sweet Gum fall foliage
Star-shaped leaves of Sweet Gum turn a range of colors,
from yellow to crimson, creating a unique depth of field
Sweet Gum
Few trees can match the 3 dimensional color of Sweet Gums
Oglebay Park fall color
Bright autumn colors with long shadows
Fall leaves on Maple
Several varieties of Maple have been developed to create
fantastic fall foliage, such as Autumn Blaze, Red Sunset &
October Glory
Massive branches and fall colors of the White Oak
Massive branches and fall colors of White Oak
Japanese Maple fall color
As colorful as red-leaf Japanese Maples are from
Spring through Summer, some become even
more spectacular in the Fall
Fall leaves on Pin Oak
Pin Oak with nice autumn color
Fall foliage of Ginkgo
The distinctive shape of Gingko leaves is all the more
amazing when the clear yellow fall color appears
Fall colors highlight a covered bridge
Fall colors highlight a covered bridge
Fall Leaves on Maple
It would be easy to select Maples as your favorite fall foliage!

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