Shrubs benefit from annual fertilization during spring and early summer (March through June).  We don't recommend fertilizing shrubs after the 4th of July, since a late "flush of growth" might not get adequately "hardened off" for winter.



Evergreens will benefit from the use of 'Miracid', especially if they are showing any signs of chlorosis (yellowing between the veins of the leaf). Chlorosis is caused by a shortage of iron or the other micronutrients which Miracid contains.  [Mix Miracid with water according to the label and sprinkle over the root zone and foliage, since some of the fertilizer is absorbed through the leaves] 

An application of Miracid once a month in April, May and June should be adequate. These liquid feedings can be supplemented with a single application of Milorganite during the same time period.

blooming rhododendron
Rhododendrons benefit from liquid fertilization with trace elements

Since most granular chemical fertilizers are "salty" it is always best to water them in.  To further eliminate the chances of any burn, don't fertilize any plants that are "bone dry" -- water them first.  Be sure to keep fertilizer away from trunks and off of wet foliage.  Lightly work fertilizer into the top layer of soil if you can do so without damaging surface roots.


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