Nothing brings Spring hillsides alive quite like flowering crabapple trees!  Shutterbugs have been known to stop and ask for permission to take pictures of some of the larger flowering crabapples in people's yards.

One particularly large crabapple tree that we trimmed was located in Upper St. Clair Township. It stood twice as wide as it did tall. When it burst forth with bumper to bumper spring blossoms, on a tree measuring 30-feet wide by 20-feet tall, it really did make quite a photo op.

While we don't have a photo of that magnificent crab to share on this page, we do have other photos of Crabs which will stimulate your desire to plant a flowering crabapple in your own yard!



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white apple blossom
Harvest Gold Crabapple

Even though there are sterile forms of flowering crabapple, most varieties are also recognized for their bright colored fruits, which are considered a tasty treat by our small feathered friends during the winter months. In locations close to sidewalks it may still be desirable to plant a fruitless variety, in order to keep the sidewalks clean.


All shapes & sizes

Crabs come in all shapes and sizes, from larger standard varieties to newly introduced cultivars recognized for their growth habit, flower or fruit. Crabapples are extremely hardy trees, but you still need to seek out varieties that are disease resistant and aren't prone to common diseases such as apple scab.

pink apple blossom
Indian Summer


Pink crabapple

The line between pink and white in crabapples can be blurred, since some varieties are red in the bud and open with a white flower.

White crabapple flower with red bud

Dark pink to red flowers on this crab are accented by bronze colored foliage.

red Crabapple


white Crapple, rose red buds

This bright colored flowering crabapple is accented nicely against an evergreen tree in the background.

Rose red crabapple buds open white

Crabapples are an all-time favorite accent tree for use in a front yard. Slower growing dwarf varieties can be used in small yards with limited space.

Pink flowering crab

Most crabapples need periodic trimming to remove water sprouts and root suckers. Many trees will also benefit from some light shaping, within the first month after they bloom.

Pink flowering crabapple tree


white flowering crabapple

White flowering crabapples can be truly breath-taking when seen up close. 'Snowdrift' is still considered one of the better 'old' varieties of white flowering crabapple trees.

white crabapple blossoms


Planting a tree

Root Sprouts on Trees

Cemetery Flowers


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