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Annual flowers can be described as those flowers that only grown one season in the northeastern United States, since most of these flower varieties can't survive frost or freezing temperatures. It's difficult to beat the all-summer color that most annuals provide, whether they're planted in a flower bed, hanging basket or flower pot.

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BegoniaIn northern US climates, with around 120 days of frost-free weather, annuals are traditionally planted on Memorial Day and can be expected to do well through the summer months and much of September. Colder temperatures in October favor a flower display rotation to more cold tolerant plants like sedums and chrysanthemums.
Some of the top annual flower favorites include geraniums, marigolds, petunias, and impatiens. Other than consideration of your garden soil and sunlight exposure, careful thought should be given to your risk for deer browsing as well as damage from other wild animals such as rabbits. While deer tend to leave geraniums alone, they will readily destroy a planting of impatiens.




Prized for their flower and foliage. Begonias are versatile and will perform well in anything from full sun to shady areas. Ruby begonias are known for their bright pink flowers sharply contrasted by dark colored foliage.

  pink begonia
begonias in wall pouches  

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These long time favorites have benefited from the ongoing work of flower breeders, with a wide range of colors available to the avid flower gardener. Geraniums are on the least favorite food list of deer and will tolerate light frost. Grow them in full sun. Remove spent flower heads for better appearance and bloom. Ivy geraniums are excellent in hanging baskets, one of perennial favorites!
  red geranium
pink geranium  
  purple geranium
salmon colored geraniums  
  white geraniums
variegated leaf geranium  


For areas with partial shade, impatiens are the top choice among flower gardeners. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, an annual that will suit all tastes.
  salmon colored impatiens
light purple impatiens  
  orange colored impatiens
  red impatiens


The bright cheerfulness and sturdiness of marigolds make them an all-time favorite in flower gardens. Remove spent flower heads and plant in full sun. Some gardeners plant them around the perimeter of their vegetable garden to deter rodents and pests.


Due to their tolerance of frost and colder temperatures, pansies are very popular for early spring plantings. Their smiling faces quickly brighten anyone's mood!
early spring color with pansies
  yellow pansies
mixed colors of pansies  
Lamp post flowers in spring!


With the Wave™ variety of petunias, plant breeders brought new life to another all-time favorite. Petunias are known for their hardiness and season-long color. Best grown in full sun with room to spread or cascade.

Above: Pink Wave™ petunias make an excellent hanging basket

pink petunias  
  purple petunia


Salvia makes a good selection for sunny areas with active deer browsing, since deer tend to leave it alone. Salvias come in a wide range of colors and varieties, far beyond the traditional red.
  red salvia
white salvia  

Red Salvia accents this Upper Saint Clair tiered fountain
Fountain planting of red salvia in Upper St. Clair


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