Annual flowers are those flowers that only grown one season in the northeastern United States. Most of these flower varieties can't survive frost or freezing temperatures.

It's hard to beat the all-summer-long color most annuals provide, whether they are planted in a flower bed, hanging basket or flower pot on your patio or deck.

In northern climates, with about 120 days of frost-free weather, annuals are traditionally planted on Memorial Day and can be expected to do well through the summer months into September. Colder temperatures in October favor a flower display rotation to more cold tolerant plants like chrysanthemums and sedums.

Some favorite annual flowers include ageratum, coleus, Gerbera daisies, New Guinea impatiens, nicotiana, snapdragons and verbena. Other than considering your garden soil and sunlight exposure, careful thought should be given to the risk of deer browsing and damage from other wild animals in your yard, such as rabbits. While deer tend to leave some flowers alone, they will readily destroy other flower plantings.

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Ageratum prefers full sun but will tolerate a bit of shade. Good border plant.




Coleus grows well in full sun to partial sun. The growing tips should be 'pinched back' to help keep the plant bushy.

  lime colored coleus
Coleus plant  
  dark colored coleus
mixed coleus  


Gerbera daisies

Grow in full sun to partial sun. Remove spent flower stalks.

Gerbera daisies  
  Gerbera Daisy
pink daisies  


New Guinea impatiens

Grow in filtered sun to light shade. Full sun can be too hot.

New Guinea impatiens  
  New Guinea impatien
sun loving impatiens  
  lavender New Guinea impatiens flower
white New Guinea impatiens  
  sunny impatiens



Prefers full sun to partial shade. Plants will usually reseed themselves for the following year.




'Snaps' grow best in full sun and will tolerate some frost.
Flower Fun: Pinch the flower on its sides and watch it talk!

Pink Snapdragons  
Upper Saint Clair 'snaps' growing in Boyce Rd Gardens
Snaps growing in the Boyce Road Gardens
in Upper Saint Clair



Grow in full to partial sun. Drought resistant.

red Verbena  
  red and white verbena


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