Photos of popular groundcovers used to cover slopes, beds, rock gardens and areas where mowing a lawn is not desirable or safe, or perhaps a new look is called for in the landscape. Common groundcover photos on this page include Ajuga, Euonymus, Ivy, Liriope, Myrtle, Pachysandra and Sedum.

(Also see: Spreading Junipers)


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Black Scallop Ajuga


AJUGA reptans 'Black Scallop'
Grows in sun or shade to 10-inches tall, spreading, hardiness zone 4 to 11, deer resistant, blue flowers in late spring, glossy leaves with dark color makes it an excellent contrast with flowers.

Burgundy Glow Ajuga


AJUGA reptans 'Burgundy Glow'
Bugle Weed
Spreading low evergreen with green, pink and cream-colored dappled leaves, turning to more of a burgundy color during winter. Blue flowers appear on 5” stems. Deer resistant.
Bronze Beauty Bugleweed


AJUGA reptans 'Bronze Beauty'
Spreading low evergreen with bronze-tinted foliage. Prefers shade to partial sun. Produces short spikes of blue flowers. Deer resistant.


Lily of the Valley
A favorite with the ladies that does well in moist shade. Spreads.


Crownvetch flower and foliage

Crownvetch on a steep slope


Crownvetch isn't a groundcover you would normally plant in most home landscapes due to its weedy nature. However, it is used in many new home developments to prevent erosion on steep slopes.
Most people will see crownvetch on slopes along interstate highways or in commercial developments in the northern US. Crownvetch is a legume that fixes nitrogen from the air.
Cotoneaster photo at


Most Cotoneasters can be sheared into a nice uniform groundcover. Sun to partial shade. Royal Beauty ('dammeri') is considered an excellent ground cover with a height of 18-inches.
Purpleleaf Wintercreeper groundcover


EUONYMUS fortunei 'Colorata'
Purpleleaf Wintercreeper
Hardy evergreen groundcover with reddish-purple fall color. Sun or shade. Monitor for scale insects.
Algerian Ivy


HEDERA canariensis 'Variegata'
Algerian Ivy
Variegated ground cover. Prefers moist soil and grows in sun or shade.

English Ivy


HEDERA helix
English Ivy
Shade loving evergreen ground cover. Requires periodic cutting back around ornamentals and along walks/edges.

BOBscaping video

Baltic Ivy


HEDERA helix 'Baltica'
Baltic Ivy
Hardy variety of ivy that also tolerates drought. Shade to partial shade, plant on 12" to 18" centers. Prominent white veins in the leaves.
Variegated Ivy HEDERA helix 'Gold Child'
Variegated English Ivy
Shade to partial sun.
Hardy in mild climates. Gray-green, triple-lobed leaves have yellow margins.
Baltic Ivy HEDERA helix 'Thorndale'
Thorndale Baltic Ivy
Very hardy type of Baltic Ivy. Grows in sun or shade.
Plantain Lily or Funkia
Usually considered as a Perennial, but close enough spacing allows it to qualify as a ground cover in our book. Grown for the attractive foliage. Prefer some afternoon shade. Don't plant in deer browse areas.
Chameleon Plant - Houttuynia


HOUTTUYNIA cordata 'Chameleon'
Chameleon Plant
Heart-shaped multi-colored leaves. Extremely hardy and vigorous ground cover.




LAMIUM 'White Nancy'
White Nancy Lamium
Used as a spreading ground cover or in a hanging basket. Silver-green foliage with purple blooms in early summer.
LIRIOPE - Lily Turf

Variegated Liriope


LIRIOPE muscari 'Big Blue'
Big Blue Lily Turf
Growth to 1 ft across x 2 ft tall with bluish-green foliage. Lilac colored flower in summer. Prefers sun.
Green-white variegated Liriope is bright colored, adding additional interest to a planting.
Pachysandra groundcover photo from


PACHYSANDRA terminalis
Spreading evergreen groundcover. Our favorite for shade to partial sun in our northeastern landscapes.
Deer leave it alone.

Boston Ivy
Partial shade to sun. Clinging vine we see more on walls than as a groundcover.
Blueberry Pie Sedum


SEDUM cauticola Blueberry Pie™
Blueberry Pie™ Groundcover Sedum
Frosty-blue foliage with magenta flowers in late summer. Drought tolerant with no maintenance other than removing dead foliage. Grow in full sun, hardiness zones 3 to 9.


SEDUM reflexum 'Angelina'
Stone Orpine or Orpin
Interesting shape and texture for rock gardens.
Sea Mist Stonecrop


SEDUM reflexum 'Sea Mist'
Seas Mist Stonecrop
Blue-green evergreen foliage, grows to 4-inches tall, hardiness zones 3 to 9, yellow blossoms in early summer, drought tolerant.
October Daphne Sedum


SEDUM sieboldii 'October Daphne'
October Daphne Stonecrop
Bluish-green rock garden style groundcover, scalloped foliage with a pink edge. Foliage turns pink in fall. Attracts butterflies. Once established it is drought tolerant. Hardiness zone 3 to 9.
Cape Blanco Sedum


SEDUM spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'
Stonecrop or Orpin
Nice color contrast for rock gardens.


SEDUM spectabile 'Variegatum'
Good for rock gardens and hardy in sunny, dry locations.
Dragon's Blood Sedum


SEDUM spurium
'Dragon's Blood'

Good for rock gardens and hardy in sunny, dry locations.
Lamb's Ear


STACHYS byzantina
Lamb's Ear
Silver-gray, wooly foliage. Often used in rock gardens and perennial beds.
Myrtle Groundcover

Myrtle - Periwinkle - Vinca vine


VINCA minor
Shiny evergreen foliage with attractive lilac-blue colored flowers in spring. Best in partial sun to shade. Grass and weeds can be a problem in the weaker plantings we've seen.


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