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Hydroseeding could be described as 1-step grass planting

Hydroseeding machines vary from large trucks to towed trailers, but they all have a water tank with an agitator and are capable of mixing grass seed, fertilizer, and paper mulch with water to be sprayed on the planting area. Getting the seed wet right from the start speeds seed germination since seed begins to absorb moisture in a process called 'imbibition.'

The mixture is sprayed onto a new lawn area or slope that's been finish graded. The paper fiber mulch usually has a green coloration to help the applicator tell visually where he's already sprayed. Interstate highway slopes in Pennsylvania are commonly hydroseeded with crown vetch due to its aggressiveness and low maintenance characteristic.

Larger truck mounted hydroseeding units have a catwalk on top where an applicator can shoot the mix from a water cannon while an assistant drives and repositions the truck as needed. Smaller towed trailer hydroseed machines have a long hose used by an applicator to 'spray paint' new lawns and slopes.



Hydroseeded slopes
Hydro-seeded slopes in a new housing development
Hydro-Seeded slopes beginning to grow
Hydroseeding growth after a few weeks
Hydroseeding slopes in a housing development
Green dye is added to the hydroseed mix to help applicators know where they have already sprayed



  • Reaching difficult areas
    Steep slopes along roadways and in new developments would be very difficult to seed using any other method, due to their size and poor accessibility.
  • Saving time
    One hydroseeding application replaces three separate applications of seed, fertilizer and mulch.
  • Jump start
    Soaking seed in water begins the germination process immediately. The term 'imbibition' refers to seed absorbing moisture and swelling, beginning the germination process.
  • Less weeds
    Hydroseeded areas have less weed seed introduced than ones mulched with straw.
  • Saves money
    Hydroseeding is usually less expensive than other seeding methods due to the streamlined process combining several separate steps into one process.


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