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Moundsville, W.V.

The name 'Moundsville' represents the many Indian mounds that once occupied this area of the Ohio Valley. The Grave Creek Mound has been preserved and is located within this West Virginia town's city limits, across the street from its eerie old, stark stone neighbor, the West Virginia Pen.

  This Indian burial mound was constructed around 200 B.C. The mound stands 69-feet tall and has a base diameter of 295-feet. The original mound was also encircled by a moat 5-feet deep, and 40-feet wide. Grave Creek Mound construction required over 60,000 tons of earth. Since the workers didn't use horses or the wheel, that meant a lot of baskets of dirt!
The mound-building Adena People lived in West Virginia from approximately 1,000 B.C. to 1 A.D.   Around 500 B.C., the Adena culture in the Ohio Valley slowly gave way to the Hopewell culture.
Grave Creek Mound historical marker


This world-famous burial mound was built by the Adena people sometime before the Christian Era. The mound was originally 69 feet high, 295 feet
in diameter, and was encircled by a moat. There were many mounds in the area ~ hence the city's name: Moundsville. In 1838, the Grave Creek Mound was tunnelled into and two log tombs with several burials and grave offerings were found.
West Virginia Historic Commission, 1963

Indian Mound Museum

Delf Norona Museum & Grave Creek Mound Archaeology Complex

Grave Creek Mound

Moundsville, WV indian mound

First museum at the mound's base

Looking up the mound

Indian Mound
steps up indian burial mound

Stone steps lead visitors (with good wind) to the top


View from the top of the 2,000 year old Indian mound...


Stone directional marker on top

top of the indian mound
Marshall County Court House

Marshall County Court House

1942 inscription

Roof of the museum built in 1915

Reconstructed stone steps

The old West Virginia Penitentiary is directly across the street


Established 1866. A prison for men and women convicted of felonies until prison for women was established at Pence Springs, 1947. Capital criminals were hanged here, 1889-1950. Electric chair used until death penalty was abolished, 1965.

Tours are available of the former penitentiary if you dare!


Gobbler's Knob Groundhog Day

Indian Rockshelter old civilization

West Virginia rose garden



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