The proper planting of trees and shrubs makes a monumental difference as plants grow and mature 

We were often called upon to update established landscapes by removing overgrown shrubs and planting new ones.

We offered suggestions to clients on what plants should be removed and what plants they should probably keep.

Foundation plantings typically get overgrown after 15 years but we worked on some that had been planted 25 years earlier.

Landscape renovation

New landscaping was also a former specialty of ours, planting everything from new lawns (seed or sod) to trees, shrubs and perennials.

We usually recommended using grass seed as opposed to sod since it was less expensive, allowed for a better choice of grass varieties, and didn't bring along the same "baggage" sod can in the form of an existing thick thatch layer.

Our focus on new landscapes beginning with the right grass seed, proper soil chemistry and improved plant varieties added to many future years of landscape enjoyment.


Before and after photos from a couple of our landscaping projects...

Before photo of a lawn in Peters Twp
"One neighbor told us it looked like Better Homes & Gardens when you were finished"

Mr. R.C.
Landscaped gazebo
A mixture of flowering and deciduous plants for seasonal interest and evergreens for year round beauty.
Before photo in Peters Township
What a difference... even before the trees and shrubs have had a chance to mature and fill in!
Gazebo landscaping in Peters Township

Another wall and landscaping project near the end of a front walk by a driveway...

Before photo in Venetia, PA
A low wall with new landscaping added character to this driveway corner, even before the daylilies bloomed!
Wall construction along a driveway

Landscape when?
Since most trees and shrubs are either containerized or balled and burlapped (B+B), the planting season is extended to year around.  However, we did most of our landscape plantings from March 1st through November 30th.

New lawns
We took great pride in the new lawns we planted over the years. Details such as soil pH, basic nutrients, and custom grass seed selection were carefully attended to in order to provide a client with the best lawn possible.
New lawn from custom seed mixture
North Strabane Township, Pa.

Shrub beds
We designed and installed foundation plantings, islands or planting mounds which complimented and added value to homes. 

Landscaping is a Growing Investment!

With over three decades of experience planting and transplanting trees in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we planted trees that clients and the next generations would enjoy. It's amazing to drive past former planting sites and see mature trees you planted several decades earlier!

We also provided professional trimming and other ornamental planting services

Nicely shaped Hemlock!
Tightly sheared evergreens

sheared evergreen trees
Island planting with sheared Norway Spruce trees


mulch types

decorative rock

mulch details



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