The outdated practice of burning leaves not only pollutes the air and aggravates breathing problems like asthma, it also wastes many of the beneficial micronutrients contained in leaves. We recommend that homeowners mulch leaves into their lawn with a mulching mower, when it is practical, or compost leaves for later use in their gardens. Leaves provide an excellent source of organic matter.


The organic matter in leaf compost enriches the soil in gardens and flower beds, and gives clay garden soil much better tilth by making it more "workable."  Soils that are more workable can be tilled earlier in the spring, giving vegetable gardeners a head start.

Composted leaf debris helps build healthy soil!

For those who can't mulch leaves or don't garden, municipal curbside pickup is usually provided during the fall leaf season. Check with your municipality for the specifics of their leaf removal program. They may also offer free or low cost compost from their collection program.


tree leaves
Maple leaves exhibiting their bright fall colors


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