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When considering which type or color of mulch to use in your landscape beds it really helps to have photos of the various products available. This webpage will assist you in the selection of the mulch you like, even though these photos may vary slightly from the actual mulch products you will find at your local landscape supply.

Mulch Index
Cypress mulch
Dyed mulch
Mushroom manure
Pine Straw
Shredded mulch

Mulch Tips
How to spread mulch
Mulch calculations



Mulch calculations

Decorative stone photos are on a separate page:
Decorative Stone photos

Note: This page is for informational purposes only. Donnan Landscape Services does not sell any of these products.

Shredded Mulch

Single shredded mulch

Playground mulch

Single shredded

Playground Mulch


Double shredded mulch Double shredded mulch
Regular double Premium double


Triple shredded mulch  Double?.. triple?... The more times a mulch is ground, the finer and more uniform the texture. Finer ground mulches don't last as long as coarser ground.  Planning.... Plan to remulch every year, two years if you want to stretch it.
Triple shredded
Where does shredded mulch come from?

A Yard or a Ton?

  • One cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet
    (Volume = 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet)

  • Soil and stone are usually sold by the ton
    1 ton = 2,000 pounds (lbs)

  • In S.W. Pennsylvania, one cubic yard is approximately equal to one ton, depending on the moisture content and the particular soil.

  • How much mulch? See the bulk quantities webpage.

Dyed Mulch

Dyed black mulch

Dyed red mulch



How dyed mulch is made
Dyed brown mulch
 Staying power? 
  • All wood-based mulches fade and breakdown, but fading is the leading cause for homeowners to remulch.

  • Dyed mulches are more expensive and hold their color longer than natural mulches. Some consumers are concerned about the source of the "waste wood" (shredded pallets?) used in some dyed mulches on the market. Remember, the dye can stain things.

  • Don't OVER mulch - One or two inches is enough when remulching, since most wood-based mulches 'crust over' and repel water. Watch for "mulch build-up" in annual remulch situations.


Cypress mulch
A distinct color


Bark Nuggets
Bark nuggets

Pine Straw
Pine Straw
More commonly used in the southern US
and also referred to as Pine Needle Mulch
Pine Needle Mulch


Mushroom Manure
SMS - Spent Mushroom Substrate

Mushroom manure used as a mulch. It is also used to topdress (or mulch) grass seed on newly seeded lawns.


Leaf compost
Not usually used as a mulch, but rather as a soil amendment to add organic matter and improve the tilth of garden soil. Soils with more organic matter can be tilled earlier in the spring.

Loading topsoil into a pickup truck
CASE Loader with a 3-yard bucket loading shredded topsoil into a pickup truck. Don't overload your trailer or truck! Soil is heavier than you think. Just because your truck will hold it doesn't mean it will haul it.

Decorative stone mulches

How to figure out bulk quantities needed for landscaping projects

Mulch problems


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