Monitoring pest populations helps prevent bigger problems

Pests in the landscape come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Some walk or crawl, some fly and some grow like weeds.

Many of them are pretty gross when you see large populations (Example: See the photo of the heavy Scale infestation below)

Scale crawlers on a Magnolia

Scale crawlers - look close
Skeletonizer damage

Skeletonizer damage to a leaf

Carpenter ant damage to a tree trunk

Carpenter ant galleries


Identification is the first step in addressing any pest problem. The next step is finding out if the pest problem is severe enough to be treated, and if so, when the pest is most susceptible.

When using pesticides, always use the least toxic product available, and read and follow label instructions. These are just a few of the basic principles of IPM.


Rose midge

Emerald Ash Borer

Pesticide Storage


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