Japanese Andromeda

Pieris is known for its glossy evergreen foliage and pendulous arches of 'lily of the valley type' flowers in early spring. Blossoms can range from white to purple and pink, and bear a mild fragrance.

Growing Conditions

Pieris prefers growing conditions similar to those of Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Plant your Japanese Andromeda in a rich, organic, moist soil with an acidic pH that is also well drained.


Growing locations with partial shade and protection from winter winds is preferred, but Pieris will tolerate full sun. Pruning needs are usually minimal, but should be accomplished within a few weeks after spring flowering. The most common pest problem is Lace Bug.

Worthy of note

Japanese Andromeda is deer resistant, and one of the earliest blooming spring shrubs in Pennsylvania.




Pieris floribunda
'Brouwer's Beauty'

Purplish-red flower buds open as white flowers.

Compact, dense growth to 4 ft tall x 4 ft wide. Some lace bug resistance, tolerance of alkaline soils.

Brouwer's Beauty Pieris


Pieris japonica
'Dorothy Wycoff'

Vigorous, compact growth with dark green foliage, becoming bronze in winter.

Dark red flower buds become light pink flowers.

Dorothy Wycoff Pieris


Pieris japonica
'Mountain Fire'

Bright red new growth contrasts nicely against glossy green foliage.

Fast, compact growth to 6 ft tall x 6 ft wide.

Mountain Fire Pieris


Pieris japonica

Rosy red flowers in spring contrast nicely with glossy dark green foliage.

Moderate growth rate to 5 ft tall x 3 ft wide. Zones 5 to 9. Full sun to partial shade. Prefers well drained soil.

Passion Pieris


Pieris japonica

Light green foliage with white flowers.

Light green foliage with compact growth to 4 ft tall x 4 ft wide.

Pieris japonica 'Purity'


Pieris japonica
'Valley Rose'

Taller, less compact growth habit than most other varieties of Pieris.

Light pink flowers are contrasted nicely against dark green foliage.

Growth to 5 ft tall x 4 ft wide.

Pieris Valley Rose



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