The latest craze in the home landscape is pond and waterfall construction. With careful planning, construction and maintenance, ponds will provide you with years of enjoyment. Dozens of companies now retail pond supplies along with seminars and 'how to' instructions.




Location, Location - You'll enjoy your pond the most if it is located close to your house, patio or deck. 
On Solid Ground - Pick a spot where the ground is stable. Avoid wet areas and loose soil which may settle. 
Sunny! - Keep ponds out of the shade... locate your pond where it receives 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. 
Fallout & Roots - Placing the pond too close to trees will create problems with leaf debris. Tree roots may also create havoc with a pond over the years. 
Power - Pond lighting and a pump will require a power source, so consider how you'll run electric lines. Check local codes for proper construction. 
Fish - Construct the pond wide enough and deep enough if you plan to have fish. 
Maintenance - Expect to be involved with regular maintenance activities in order to maintain a nice pond.



Water pH - Test your pond water once a week and properly treat to maintain a pH of 7 to 8. 
Pond dynamics - The proper mix of plants, fish, pumps and filters will discourage algae. Chemicals are available to help treat tougher algae problems. 
Equipment - Maintain your filters and pumps to keep them in top operating condition. 

Leaks - Bentonite is commonly used to seal leaks in earthen ponds. 


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