With proper maintenance and safety, a swimming pool can create an enjoyable hub for family activities during the summer months, and year round in the warmer climes. The swimming pool season in the northeastern United States usually extends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Landscaping around swimming pools should focus on plants that are attractive during the swimming season without causing problems.

Potential problems include bees and deciduous trees that shed their fall foliage into the pool. In woodland settings it's best to maintain a cleared buffer area around the pool to prevent problems with leaves. This may require occasional tree trimming to move an encroaching woods line back from the pool.


(also see our Spreading Junipers webpage)

Blue Pacific Juniper makes a nice spreading blue-green ground cover


Colorado Blue Spruce provides height and color without deciduous leaf drop. Needle shed may become a problem in later years, so plant back away from the pool surround.

Ornamental grasses help create a casual relaxed feel around the pool area. Cut them back in November (in the northeastern US) to prevent the dead grass blades from blowing around and making a mess over winter.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a well behaved evergreen that doesn't require any trimming.

Gold Thread Cypress is an attractive plant for adding some color. Allow it room to grow.

Mugo Pine is a good selection. Shape this evergreen shrub in June when the new growth "candles" are still tender and haven't yet formed buds on their growing tips.

Gold Junipers grow fast and add color. Allow plenty of room to grow and control their size with annual trimming.

Blue Star Junipers are well behaved and stay compact. Like most Junipers, they do best in full sun.

When using fertilizer around a swimming pool, make sure not to get any in the water. Nitrogen in particular can cause serious problems. Also be extremely careful with the use of herbicides around pools since many products can potentially wash or leach into the water. Always read and follow label directions.




It's critical to secure a pool so toddlers and small children can't enter a pool when it is left unattended. The #1 cause of death in children under 5 years old in Arizona, California and Florida is drowning.

Approximately two-thirds of these deaths occurred while the child was at home and under the supervision of at least one parent.

Below is a sample of some legal wording from a municipal ordinance concerning swimming pools

Swimming pools and garage drains must be tied into the sanitary sewer system.


Single-Family Residential Recreational Facilities:
Swimming Pools - All swimming pools shall be protected by a fence, wall or other substantial barrier not less than four (4) feet high, and with a self closing, self latching gate of such a character as reasonable to restrict unsupervised access by children.


Public, private and semi-private recreation facilities:
All pools shall be surrounded by a fence at least six (6) feet in height, the entrance to which shall be kept locked when attendant is not present; and shall be constructed in accordance with all applicable state requirements.

Stockade fences like this one provide good security and privacy but may not be permitted in some municipalities and townships


Landscape lighting

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