Power washing, also known as pressure washing, can restore that 'new look' to dirty decks, patios, walks, steps and fences. High-pressure water is usually all that's needed in most cases. A flat fan tip works best for wood surfaces, while a swirling dirt-blaster tip cleans masonry surfaces the fastest.

When cleaning wood, especially with power washers over 2,000 psi, be careful not to scar the wood or make it 'fuzzy' with too much pressure at close range. Start spraying with the cleaning tip well away from the surface and gradually bring the tip to within the range you would like to spray the rest of the board. Use a steady, continuous motion and continue across the length of the entire board instead of using short, back and forth motions. This video walks you through the steps:


Masonry surfaces:
When cleaning masonry surfaces, use a circular motion to minimize noticeable marks on the surface. If the budget allows for one, buy a 'dirt blaster' nozzle that concentrates and spins the water stream, greatly enhancing the cleaning effect. Consider sealing the surface after it's been cleaned and allowed the proper amount of drying time.

Below are 'before & after' photos of power washing projects...

The "Black Stone" Patio
A picture is worth a thousand words, so... below is a dirty stone patio in Upper St Clair, Pa

stone patio 


The "Dirtiest Deck" Ever?
Below is a neglected deck that was powerwashed near Canosburg, Pa

deck1.gif (55864 bytes) 

Concrete Patio
Patio clean-up for an outdoor graduation party in Peters Township. The concrete almost looks new again!

Dirty patio - before and after power washing 

Slippery Concrete Steps
These steps were cleaner and safer after powerwashing!

Powerwashing dirty slippery steps 

Moldy Garden Wall
Pressure washing helped this garden wall look its best in Upper St. Clair Twp.

Wood Fence
Residents in Mt. Lebanon Township considered replacing this fence prior to seeing how good it looked after being power washed!

Power washing a fence

The final step was sealing this fence with a 'Redwood' tinted translucent stain

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