Roses are red, roses are yellow and roses are pink, and that just covers the common colors. At a June flower show, our lens captured the show stopping beauty of the rose. Our best 21 photos of roses and flower arrangements are included below, including some real blue ribbon winners!
These photos clearly show that roses are much more than just a Valentine's Day gift, providing the garden with beauty and fragrance throughout the summer months. I'm sure everyone will find their favorite rose here in our "virtual rose garden." We've added what giving different colored roses means.


yellow rose

Yellow roses are given to express friendship, gladness, and joy

  tangerine colored rose

Coral roses are given to express desire

Dark pink roses are given to express thanks

white rose

White roses are given to express innocence, purity, and humility

Light pink roses are given to express admiration, grace, and joy

pink roses

Lavender roses are given to express enchantment and 'Love at first sight'



Pink roses are given to express appreciation, happiness and admiration

rose arrangement
roses in an arrangement  
  bunch of roses
roses in vase  

Red roses are given to express beauty, love and respect

red roses

Orange roses are given to express enthusiasm, desire and fascination

  flower arrangement with roses



rose display  

Red and white roses given together express unity

red and white roses
six roses  
  rose buds
rose show  
  rose competition
pink rose

Giving a single rose of any color expresses gratitude and simplicity


Black spot on Roses

Rose rosette disease


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