Half the fun of landscaping is outdoor decorating with creative and festive displays around your home during the holidays!

Whether it's the colorful time-proven character of an "Easter Egg Tree" for some surefire toddler excitement, or spooky Halloween decorations for the older kids, or the traditional fascination of Christmas lights for all ages, we share photos here of seasonal creations we have seen along the way...


Easter Egg Evergreen Tree
The Easter Egg evergreen tree

~Easter Egg Trees~

Easter egg tree
The Easter Egg deciduous tree

illuminated bunnies
3 light-up bunnies on the lawn

Easter Egg Lawn
The Easter Egg sidewalk

Easter hedge with eggs
Easter Egg evergreen hedge



Bales of straw add to the seasonal feel of Fall
Halloween decorations

Bright orange ribbons add color
Fall decorations

Festive front porch decorations
fall door stoop decorations

Creative pumpkin display
halloween front door decorations

Circle of ghosts under a tree
circle of ghosts

Pumpkin parade
halloween display

Leaves, vines and pumpkins
pumpkin decoration

Just the right Mum with bright Fall colors!
fall mum

Vintage wooden wheelbarrow full of Fall Harvest
wooden wheelbarrow holding pumpkins


white poinsettias
White Poinsettias

evergreen swag
Door charm

White Pine roping with lights
Pine roping laced with white Christmas lights

norfolk island pine Christmas tree
Live pine topped with red ribbon

alberta spruce decorated for Christmas
Potted spruce trees with decorations

pine roping in a roll
White Pine roping in 25 foot rolls


Selecting a Christmas tree

Christmas wallpapers for your computer

Late-season Garden Vegetable Plants


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