Photographs of flowering trees that are commonly used to provide landscaped areas with a wide range of bloom, color, and fragrance. Our photos include the most popular Flowering Crabapple, Dogwood, Lilac, Magnolia, Pear, Plum, and Redbud. Due to ongoing expansion of our tree photo library, you will find our tree photos divided among 5 tree photo web pages.


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Horse Chestnut or Buckeye tree

Horse Chestnut flower


AESCULUS hippocastanum
Horse Chestnut
As kids we called the seeds "buckeyes" since they were shiny brown seeds with white 'eyes' on the base. They are more commonly called horse chestnuts or conkers.

Small red dots add interest to the erect white flowers appearing in mid-May. Moderate growth to 70 feet. Known as a shade tree in European gardens.

Mimosa Tree

Mimosa blossoms

Mimosal blossom


ALBIZIA julibrissin

Unusual summer blossoms attract hummingbirds.

Fast growth to 35 ft. height and 30 ft. spread.

Likes full sun, drought tolerant.

Can be a short-lived tree.

Hardiness zones 6 - 9.

Redbud in bloom

Redbud blossoms

Redbud tree


CERCIS canadensis
Eastern Redbud
Purplish-pink spring flowers and heart-shaped leaves.

Moderate growth to 20 ft.

Also known as "Judas Tree"   


Redbud 'Forest Pansy'

Redbud leaves

Cercis 'Forest Pansy'


CERCIS canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud
Reddish-purple heart-shaped leaves set this Redbud apart in the spring, even though leaves moderate to more of a green color in summer.
Rose-purple colored spring flowers.
Moderate growth to 15 ft x 15 ft.
White Fringetree

Fragrant flower of white fringe tree


CHIONANTHUS virginicus
White Fringetree
Small tree with lacy panicles of very fragrant white flowers in spring. Tolerates wet soil.
White Dogwood
White Dogwood

Pink Dogwood
Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood flowers
Pink blossoms

Fall leaf color on Dogwood
Colorful fall foliage


CORNUS florida
Eastern Flowering Dogwood
Pink or white spring flowers, appearing earlier than Kousa dogwood.
Slow to moderate growth to 35 ft tall.
Note: Some dogwoods labeled "red" in the nursery trade will actually appear to be "pink" when they bloom.
Cherokee Chief Dogwood


CORNUS florida 'Cherokee Chief'
Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood
Rose-red blossoms. Slow to moderate growth to 30 ft tall x 30 ft wide in sun to partial shade. Plant as a specimen or in a woodland garden setting. Hardiness zone 5 to 9. More subject to dogwood anthracnose under dry conditions, so a couple inches of mulch are recommended.
Cloud Nine dogwood CORNUS florida 'Cloud Nine'
Cloud Nine Flowering Dogwood
White blossoms. Slow to moderate growth to 30 ft tall x 30 ft wide in sun to partial shade. Plant as a specimen or in a woodland garden setting. Hardiness zone 5 to 9. More subject to dogwood anthracnose under dry conditions, so a couple inches of mulch are recommended.
Tricolor Dogwood

Tricolor Dogwood leaf


CORNUS florida 'Tricolor'
Tricolor Flowering Dogwood
Colorful variegated leaves and white spring flowers make this a 'double feature' dogwood. Plant in partial shade.
Kousa dogwood tree


Chinese dogwood blossoms


CORNUS kousa
Chinese Dogwood
Creamy white blooms in June.
Considered to be more reliable than Cornus florida.
Slow to moderate growth to 35 ft.
Smoke Tree


COTINUS coggygria
Smoke Tree
Blossoms look like puffs of smoke, hence the common name. Standard variety of smoke tree has green leaves, unlike the Royal Purple and Velvet Cloak varieties with maroon colored leaves.
purple Smoke Tree

Purple smoke tree

Purple smoke tree with smoke


COTINUS coggygria 'Velvet Cloak'
Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree
Shrubby form of tree with crimson colored leaves and outstanding pink plumes in late summer.
Sun to partial shade.
Fast growth to 15 ft.
Witch Hazel tree


HAMAMELIS mollis 'Pallida'
Chinese Witch Hazel
Sun to partial shade. Slow growth to 15 ft tall x 20 ft wide. Fragrant yellow flowers in late winter to early spring.
Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia

Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia foliage


MAGNOLIA Grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'
Southern Magnolia
Glossy evergreen foliage. Moderate growth to 30 foot height and 25 foot width in hardiness zones 6 - 9. White flowers in May-June.
Star Magnolia blossoming

Royal Star Magnolia


MAGNOLIA kobus stellata
Royal Star Magnolia
Fabulous white blossoms herald spring's arrival prior to leaf break.

Deer resistant. Does best in full sun.

Every yard should have a Star Magnolia. Moderate rate of growth to 20 ft across x 25 ft tall.

Saucer Magnolia in full bloom


Magnolia soulangiana


MAGNOLIA soulangiana
Saucer Magnolia
Large, fragrant, pinkish-white flowers make this bushy tree a true specimen, even if the flowers do get nipped by frost 2 out of 3 springs. Deer resistant. One of our favorites. Watch for scale insects. 'Jane' cultivar blooming in bottom photo.
Summer Magnolia Sweetbay

Sweetbay Magnolia blossom


MAGNOLIA virginiana
Sweetbay Magnolia
uper fragrant, creamy white flowers are a real treat in early summer. Just one more reason to grow Magnolias!  Moderate to fast growth to 25 ft.
Flowering Crabapple tree


Flowering Crab


Crabapple blooming in spring


MALUS species
Flowering Crabapple
Show-stopping spring colors range from white to pink or red. Small fruits (other than sterile varieties) are red to yellow in color, and big favorites of birds in early winter. 
Most varieties are 15 to 20 feet in height and spread. Plant only disease resistant varieties. 
Harvest Gold Crabapple blossom


MALUS 'Harvest Gold'
Harvest Gold Crabapple
Showy white flowers in spring are followed by bright-colored yellow fruit in the fall that attract birds. Moderate growth rate to 20 ft wide and 25 ft tall in an upright oval shape, suiting it as a street or parking lot tree if the lower branches are removed. Grow in full sun.
Indian Summer Crabapple


MALUS 'Indian Summer'
Indian Summer Crabapple
Red buds open to rose red flowers. Persistent red fruit. Growth to 18 ft tall.
Louisa crabapple flowers


MALUS 'Louisa'
Louisa Weeping Crabapple
Weeping branches with true pink flowers. Persistent yellow fruit. Growth to 15 ft wide x 15 ft tall.
Prairie Fire


MALUS 'Prairie Fire'
Prairie Fire Crabapple
Pinkish-Red single flowers with growth to 20 ft. tall x 20 ft. wide. Persistent dark red fruit. New growth purple leaves fade to reddish-green.
Profusion Crabapple


MALUS 'Profusion'
Profusion Flowering Crabapple
Red buds open to pink blossoms. Purple foliage fades to bronze color. Persistent red fruit. Upright spreading growth to 20 ft tall.
Robinson Flowering Crabapple


MALUS 'Robinson'
Robinson Flowering Crabapple
Fast growing cultivar with crimson buds becoming deep pink blossoms. Bright red crabapples persist and attract birds. Fast growth to 25 ft tall x 25 ft wide in Zones 4 - 8. Grow in full sun.
'Spring Snow' Crabapple


MALUS 'Spring Snow'
Spring Snow Crabapple
Sterile variety of flowering crabapple with pure white flowers. Growth to 18 ft tall. Susceptible to apple scab disease.
Sugar Tyme crabapple blossoms


MALUS 'Sugar Tyme'
Tyme® Crabapple

Fast, upright growth to 20 ft tall x 15 ft wide. Disease resistant. Pink buds open to white flowers in spring. Red fruit persists throughout the fall and winter.
Zumi Crabapple


MALUS Zumi calocarpa

Semi-dwarf crabapple tolerant of air pollution can be used as a street tree. Fragrant white flowers are good for cutting vases. Bright red crabapples in the fall attract birds. Moderate growth to 20 ft tall x 15 ft wide. Grow in full sun in Zone 4 - 8.
dwarf crabapple

dwarf crabapple blossoms

Dwarf Crab


MALUS - Dwarf Crabapples

There are numerous small flowering crabapples that are considered 'dwarf' varieties; crabapples that grow more slowly and don't grow as large as the more common varieties.

Branching is different, tending to be spaced further apart and creating a different look when blossoms hug the heavier branches in springtime.

Flowering Plum

Ornamental Plum tree blossoms

Thundercloud Plum with purple leaves


PRUNUS cerasifera 'Thundercloud'
Thundercloud Plum
Dark purple foliage season long.
Fast growing.  Nice color.
Often necessary to stake the tree due to rapid growth.
Height to 20 feet. Pink flower.
Attracts Japanese Beetles during their flights in July.
Cistena Plum or Sandcherry

Cistena Plum flowers


PRUNUS x cistena
Purpleleaf Sandcherry
Multi-stemmed small tree with pink flowers and reddish-purple leaves emerging at the same time in Spring. Moderate growth to 8 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide.
Pink flowering almond


PRUNUS glandulosa 'Rosea'
Pink Flowering Almond
More the size of a shrub than a tree, with growth to 5 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide. Double pink flowers in spring.
Ornamental peach tree


PRUNUS persica
Flowering Peach
Small ornamental tree with an unusual leaf pattern that creates season-long interest, even after flowers fade. Produces non-edible peaches.
Bonfire flowering peach


PRUNUS persica 'Bonfire'
Bonfire Patio Peach
Dwarf flowering peach with double pink spring flowers that contrast nicely against the dark red foliage. Slow, dense growth to 8-feet tall and wide, good for containers. Grow in full sun, hardy to zone 5, leaf spot resistant.
Twisted Snowfountain Cherry

Snowfountain cherry blossoms

Snowfountain Cherry


PRUNUS x 'Snofozam'
Snow Fountains® Cherry
Cascading branches with white flowers in spring. The trunk of the tree in the top photo has been "twisted" to give it a zig-zag effect for added interest.
One of Bob's favorites!
Canada Red Cherry


PRUNUS virginiana 'Canada Red'
Grow in full sun. Moderate to fast growth to 25 ft tall x 12 ft wide. White blossoms in spring with rich burgundy foliage.

Flowering Pear trees reflected in a golf course pond
Flowering pears reflected in water

Flowering Pears in Country Brook, Peters Township, PA

Bradford Pear with storm damage

Ornamental flowering pear blossoms

Row of flowering pear trees


PYRUS calleryana
Bradford Pear
Fast growing pyramidal tree with white flowers in the spring followed by glossy green leaves. 45 ft tall with 25 ft spread.
Bradford Pears form weak branch crotches and split-out in ice and wind storms, so we recommend planting a different cultivar of the flowering pear. 
Lilac Tree


SYRINGA reticulata
'Ivory Silk'

Ivory Silk Tree Lilac
Compact small tree with creamy-white flowers in early to mid-summer.
20 to 25 ft tall with 15 ft spread.


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