Tulip Tour

There is nothing quite like a spring Tulip Tour at Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia Pennsylvania to see fantastic, flowing displays of what must be every variety, shape and color of tulip... Tulips galore!  During this May 2013 our camera captured this riot of color as the tulips were all in full bloom.

Tulip Tour at Longwood Gardens...

tulip bed


bed of tulips


colorful tulips


purple tulips


mass of tulips


mixed tulips


tulips in bloom


Longwood Gardens tulips


orange tulip


orange tulips


tulips in full bloom


red and yellow tulips




white tulips


tulip garden


yellow tulips


yellow tulip


tulip planting


tulip display garden


white tulip


bright colored tulips


pink and white tulips


tulip flowers


yellow tulip planting


Tulips and snapdragons


Multi-colored tulips


pink and white tulips




tulip display garden


red and yellow tulips


red and white tulips


black tulips


tulips flowering


hot pink tulips


mixed tulip plantings



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